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Canadian Casino Privacy Policy

Players who access casino hotelss want to know where their information is stored and how it is used. Here, we explain how Canadian Casinos make use of any provided information and let players know that it is always stored securely and only used for the purpose of presenting the best possible experience at the site. This information will never be used for any reason other than to manage the hotel account and offer special player bonuses.

Cookie Usage

Canadian hotels will always comply with cookie laws and the only cookies that are used will be for Google Analytics. This is a tool that is used that will help the casino track visitors and improve the website to offer a great experience to all. Cookies allow the casino to see what pages have been viewed, what type of browser is being used and how long you have been active on the site at a given time. The information that is collected will remain anonymous and will never be shared with any third party. Players will always have the ability to turn off cookies so that tracking can be prevented. However, turning off all cookies will restrict players from playing at the site.

Security Measures

Without the written permission of the player, the casino will not share any information about any visit to the site. All collected info is stored on a secure server and when any transaction is conducted, they are passed through SSL encryption software, ensuring the protection of all sensitive data at all times.